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Hi all, I hope the recent weather hasn't destroyed too many… - Garden Fence [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jan. 26th, 2007|11:45 am]
The Online Garden Fence - gardening discussions



Hi all,

I hope the recent weather hasn't destroyed too many gardens? Ironicly my actually garden fence is now half flattened but we've been very productive none the less.

Since my last post the biggest things we have planted are the black roses from Thompson and Morgan (recommended) and a Cherry tree from Homebase. There's a lot of structural changes to do before I start much more planting but these are our plans for the coming months:

1. Garlic - I have managed to get 15cm shoots growing garlic cloves on my kitchen window sil. So far they are being grown in water and kitchen paper (which then goes in the composter) but they'll be potted shortly and tranfered outside when the temperature goes up.

2. Peas - We are going to prepare the soil in February for planting in March, April and May.  We will be using cane tee-pees. I have been given a tip to grown them along side sweet peas as this will help with the polination (remember to collect the seeds from both). 

3. Tyre gardening - I will be experimenting with aethelthryth to see what can be grown in old tyres. I am going to try and grow potatos and maybe look at trying a three tier display  (ie. a 1 stack, a 2 stack and a 3 stack) but the latter depends on space. Can anyone think of small low lying food plants that could be grown in a tyre?  My current thought is the herbs that haven't got homes yet - rosemary, sage, garlic and curry plant, but I'm open to suggestions....

So what's everybody else up to in their garden?